Welcome to the Waitapu Vineyard

Waitapu Estate offers wine sales, tastings and tours.

Waitapu Estate Vineyard

Waitapu Estate Vineyard

Waitapu Estate was founded by the current owners Eric and Sandra Shackleton with their three sons in 2000 and over the past 17 years has developed into a truly stunning family run boutique vineyard.

The Waitapu vineyard, which has the benefit of three very different “terroir” on the property, now produces a range of wines with excellent intensity of flavour and rich colours. Much effort has been put into gaining “Sustainability” status from Wine New Zealand.

Waitapu comes from the Maori language meaning “Sacred Water” and the family has always taken their guardianship of the property very seriously planting over 50,000 native trees, many raised from seed on the property since the purchase in 2000. The bio-diversity of the vineyard is a very important element of Waitapu Estate which has become home to many New Zealand birds.

Eric and Sandra are  proud of Waitapu Estate and invite you to tour the vineyard, which is a perfect venue for functions and weddings, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and their fine wines.

Waitapu’s delicious range of fine wines can also be purchased direct from the cellar, local wine outlets, restaurants and online from this website.